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what is fresh BOX

fresh BOX is local meal kit company that services the Hawaiian Islands of Oahu, Maui, and Kauai.  every week we gather everything you will require to make 3 delicious recipes from scratch.  all you need is some salt, pepper, oil and around 30 minutes to have a fresh, homemade meal on your table; crafted by your own two hands.

can i get emails for new and future menus?

absolutely!  we would love to keep in touch.  SIGN UP for our newsletter and we will send you new menus every week, so you know what you will be cooking up next.

when can i expect my first fresh BOX?

once we have your order, your fresh BOX will be on at your door step on the following Tuesday.  we promise to try our hardest to get all the BOXES delivered by 6 pm.

what do i get in my fresh BOX?

each BOX has fresh ingredients for 3 custom recipes.  all of our recipes are designed for 2 people. meaning every BOX has 6 meals total.  every recipe card is in full color, with easy to follow instructions to make you the best fresh CHEF you can be.

where do you deliver?

currently we deliver to all parts of Oahu and we ship to Maui & Kauai for an additional $8 (shipping & handling). stay tuned as we expand to other islands soon.

what are the shipping costs?

delivery on Oahu will always be included in the price of each BOX however shipping to Maui & Kauai is an additional $8 (shipping and handling fee).

what if i have special dietary restrictions?

we try to accommodate special requests as best as we can and on a case by case basis. whether you prefer to not have a specific fish (i.e. salmon) or don't like to eat red meat; we will try to coordinate with you so that your fresh BOX is as enjoyable as possible. please note that all our BOXES are processed in the same area, so those with allergies please take this into consideration.

what is this membership i keep hearing about?

we want to make fresh BOX as easy and fun as possible.  with membership, your orders will be recurring, meaning you won't have to order every week.  simply tell us when you DON'T want a menu and we will skip you that week.  members will also get exclusive offers to fresh BOX and fresh BOX events.  once memberships become available we will make an announcement.  until then, enjoy membership savings!

sounds great! where do i order?

yay!  we are excited that you are excited.  order here to get started.