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cook well. eat well. live well.


cook well. eat well. live well.


how it works

fresh BOX does all the leg work, while you take all the glory. it’s a win-win.

we plan, shop, portion and deliver. saving you time and money every week.

healthy gourmet meals with farm fresh ingredients and recipes you learn to make in your own kitchen.

live healthy

take more time for the things you love

fresh BOX has got you covered

live healthy

take more time for the things you love

fresh BOX has got you covered

make incredible meals

with our full color, step-by-step recipe cards, learning to cook has never been more fun.

from start to finish, it's easy...we promise!


we design delicious recipes that are macro-nutritionally balanced, for improved wellness.


each recipe is unique, no repeats, so you get to have a new adventure in your kitchen every BOX, every time.


as a fresh CHEF, you will create restaurant quality dining without having to leave home.

behind each BOX

behind each BOX

william chen

co-founder & culinary director

william's passion for cooking started at a young age, growing up in his family's restaurants. he went on to study culinary arts at Le Cordon Bleu in Paris and has since stepped foot in some of the best kitchens across the world.  he's even cooked in some of them!  though classically trained, his true savvy lies in his creativity and experience with global cuisine.

william and the fresh BOX team strive to bring you new and exciting meals every week.


"...my favorite aspects of fresh BOX... it teaches creative pairings and techniques for healthier (and tastier!) eating..."

"The concept is genius and perfect for people who like a quick, easy, healthy meal."

"...allows you to cook up a gourmet, restaurant-quality meal at home with ease."